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AidEye is a mobile Application (App) which allows the visually impaired, dyslexic, colour blind, elderly and anyone with visual disability to enjoy the full satisfaction of social independence and integration. AidEye allows them to identify items around them such as clothes, products and menus at restaurants. It does this by clearly identifying and providing an accurate audible description. The App can be used at home or elsewhere to continue to identify items. It does all of this without compromising security.

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Innovative Design

AidEye App has a uniquely designed User Interface to suit the needs of our customers.

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User Friendly

The Auditory and Interactive functionality in AidEye App enables the ease of use.

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Transformative App

AidEye is a life-changing App that can be used by anyone especially the Blind, Elderly, Dyslexic and Autistic.


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Would any smartphone e.g Iphone or Samsung work?

Yes it will. But for now, only Android is released.

Can I use it in every shop?

You can use it in every shop that has tagged their products with AidEye NFC tags.

How do I get help with the app?

You can contact us at info@aideye.org

Where do I buy more tags?

You can purchase some at our affiliated shops or alternatively, you can purchase them online at AidEye Store.

Would you be visiting my local visually impaired charity?

Yes! We are currently going from charity to charity, so if we haven’t already, then we would soon.

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The AidEye technology has solved one of the biggest challenges for the visually impaired.

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GoCube Technology is a technological company that focuses on using technology to solve the numerous challenges that fight our generation in this 21st Century.
GoCube Technology is excited that their first product AidEye is now on the market.

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